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The team committed to you.

Our core team has over 60 years combined experience across all fields of global health, the private sector, government and innovation. We’re primarily based in the US (New York and Washington D.C.), with remote offices in Ghana, Nigeria and the UK.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, quick, insightful, and adaptive. The singular focus of the team is driving success for our global partners while impacting global health outcomes, and we welcome new contacts and enquiries. Find out more about our team below.

We’re global health experts with an entrepreneurial heart… and we speak corporate.

Our board.

GBCHealth is guided by leaders from the private sector, each with decades of experience under their belt. We’re proud to have a diverse set of board members representing us at the highest level within the business community. We’re also open to applications from new potential board members keen to cement their position as influencers and leaders across industry, particularly those that have achieved significant success early in their careers or that represent our global, diverse audience.

Find out more about our board below.

Representing leading cross-sector organizations & bringing decades of global business experience.