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World Malaria Day 2019 Shines Light on Urgent Need for Continued Investment - Today, April 25th, is World Malaria Day (WMD). It is a chance to take a breath and take stock of the state of the fight against malaria. We have numerous examples of successful collaborations between governments and industry, which lay the groundwork for strengthening these efforts and set a blueprint for novel initiatives. In light of the worrying trends in ... Read More
World Malaria Day: Refocusing Strategies to Eliminate Malaria - By Ochuko Keyamo-Onyige, Country Manager, GBCHealth CAMA Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) suffers by far the greatest malaria burden worldwide; malaria is so common in SSA that the average person sees it as an inevitable part of their existence, and the statistics are as stark as they come. According to the 2018 World Malaria Report, the global response to malaria has stalled, ... Read More
Saving lives in times of trouble—Aid for AIDS interventions in Venezuela - Daniel Mora-Brito, Senior Manager and Focal Point to the Global Fund Board Private Sector Delegation (PSD) Since its founding in 1996, the New York-based international NGO Aid for AIDS has become a beacon of hope for thousands of people around the globe. Jesús Aguais, its founder and Executive Director, is a force of nature whose dedication to save the lives of ... Read More
Global Fund Private Sector Delegation (PSD) Advocacy Efforts & Leadership Changes Ahead of Replenishment - Global Fund PSD advocates for increased funding from U.S. Congress In advance of the 6th Global Fund Replenishment Conference this October in Lyon, France, PSD representatives visited with nine Congressional offices last month, most of which represent key appropriators in the House of Representatives and Senate, to advocate for an increased pledge to the Global Fund by the U.S. government. ... Read More
Vital Progress for Women’s Economic Empowerment in West & Central Africa Demonstrates Need for Continued Investment - Vital Progress for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Sahel Demonstrates Value of Continued Investment The Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD), a regional initiative launched in 2015, remains one of UNFPA WCARO’s remarkable success stories. “Investing in human capital will determine whether or not Africa is able to acquire human capital that is commensurate with its desire for emergence,” said ... Read More
ExxonMobil Leveraging the Power of Soccer to Educate and Mobilize Youth to Overcome Their Greatest Health Challenges - ExxonMobil supports a wide range of prevention, treatment, research and advocacy programs to end death from malaria, and partners with the world’s leading organizations that work on the frontlines in the fight against malaria. As one of ExxonMobil’s partners, Grassroot Soccer (GRS) uses the convening power of soccer to educate young people in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and Papua New ... Read More