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Can Raised Buildings Reduce Malaria Transmission? - The United Nations has projected that sub-Saharan Africa will become the world’s most populated of the eight geographical SDG areas by 2062. The increased population inevitably leads to an increase in housing demand. Why is this relevant in the fight to eradicate malaria?  There is growing evidence that house design can decrease the incidence of malaria infection. Given that 80% ... Read More
AI and Malaria Control: an Exciting Future Ahead - A Jerusalem-based start-up ZzappMalaria that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and tech to eliminate malaria has won first place in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition, securing a $3 million prize, as well as the People’s Choice Award as the “Most Inspiring Team.”  How Zzapp identifies malaria transmission hotspots  Zzapp is a software system that supports the planning and implementation of ... Read More
CAMA Director Joins Steering Committee for the New Nets Project and Net Transition Initiative - Ochuko Keyamo-Onyige has been invited by Unitaid to join the Steering Committee for the New Nets Project (NNP) and Net Transition Initiative.  The NNP aims to catalyze the market introduction of dual-AI ITNs. It is co-financed by the Global Fund and Unitaid, led by IVCC and supported by the US President’s Malaria Initiative.  The Global Fund has recently committed additional ... Read More
WHO-led Dialogue on Rethinking Malaria in Africa - The 2020 World Malaria Report findings and the failure to attain the 2020 milestones of the Global Technical Strategy (GTS) for malaria, 2016-2030 demonstrate stagnating progress in reducing malaria in Africa; this calls for a rethink of Africa’s malaria control model. Eradication requires a context-driven interrogation of the lessons from COVID-19 and a restructuring of the global aid architecture, coupled ... Read More
The Impact of COVID-19 on Future Malaria Efforts - Patrick Sieyes, Head of Global Growth, Vestergaard Pandemics like COVID-19 inevitably invite reflection on other scourges like malaria, still rampant in Nigeria and many parts of the world. Despite committed efforts by health workers, researchers, national malaria control programs, international organizations and private companies, malaria still claimed over 400,000 lives in 2019. We are left to ponder what it will ... Read More
Case Studies: The Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Workplace & Community Malaria Programs - The spread of COVID-19 has led to a health crisis in countries across the world, including significant disruptions to health systems and services. The measures employed by the private sector to continue, adapt, or suspend workplace and community malaria programs during the COVID-19 pandemic are largely unknown. In response to a request from CAMA partners to study the impact of ... Read More