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The Private Sector Solution to Fixing Nigeria’s Primary Health System - An interview with Mr Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede on the launch of new private sector-led initiative Mr. Aig-Imoukheude is Co-Chair of GBCHealth’s Board of Directors, and has been a long-time believer and ardent advocate on issues of responsible business practices, good corporate citizenship and sustainability. His experiences on the board of organizations such as GBCHealth, Aliko Dangote Foundation, Friends of Global Fund ... Read More
GBCHealth Webinar | Reimagining Commitment to Fighting HIV, TB and Malaria During COVID-19: Focus on the Private Sector - The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse the extraordinary gains made in the fight against three critical public health epidemics – HIV, TB and malaria. In 2020 we will likely see increases in deaths and new infections across all three diseases for the first time in many years as health and community systems are overwhelmed, treatment and prevention programs are disrupted, ... Read More
SWEDD: Responding to the Impact of COVID-19 on Girls in the Sahel - The COVID-19 pandemic is having an especially significant impact on women and girls in the Sahel region. Nearly 12 million girls are temporarily out of school in the subregion. Their return to school is crucial if we want to change society. 13.5 million girls were already at risk of gender-based violence, early marriages and pregnancies, and dropping out of school ... Read More
Can We Leapfrog Once Again With Smart Solutions and Cross-Sector Partnerships? - A perspective from Michel Lavollay, MD, Founder, PPP Europe The COVID-19 pandemic is imposing itself as the greatest crisis since the Great Depression. It is affecting – and revealing structural socio-economic weaknesses in – all regions of the world. Responding to COVID-19 is not only a question of preparedness, it is fundamentally a question of peace and security, and of ... Read More
PSC Member Spotlight: Sumitomo’s Longstanding Commitment to Malaria - As the world grapples with the spread of COVID-19, sustaining the fight against malaria is critical now more than ever. We are continuing to highlight the importance of continuity and innovation in malaria programing and the work of our partners. A manufacturer of critical vector control products, Sumitomo Chemical is a member of the Private Sector Constituency to the Global ... Read More
Crucial Collaborations for COVID-19 - How the private sector coming together to support the COVID-19 response in Africa The lack of funding and infrastructure for health in Africa was well-documented coming into 2020. Enter, COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has added significant stress to regional health systems that were already short of funding, infrastructure and personnel. Faced with such an urgent task, raising funds for immediate ... Read More