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Insights: The Pivotal Role of the Private Sector in Achieving the Demographic Dividend in Africa - By Rebecca Fishman, Project Manager “Youth is the hope of our future,” wrote the Filipino patriot José Rizal in the late 1800s. The sentiment still resonates today, and particularly when it comes to achieving the African Union’s goal of an integrated and prosperous Africa. The fastest growing continent, Africa has the most youthful population; 70% of the projected 1.6 billion ... Read More
Quiz: Whadya Know About Toilets? - Take our quiz to test your knowledge on sanitation.
Innovations in Global Health: Beacon Emergency Dispatching for Community First Responders - Trek Medics International is a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities with unreliable access to emergency care and transport through innovative mobile phone solutions. Trek Medics’ approach is based on the principle that emergency medical services (EMS) utilized in the wealthiest nations aren’t easily implemented in low- and middle-income countries – primarily owing to under-developed infrastructure ... Read More
Event: Opportunities in Innovative Health Financing with the Global Fund - The Global Fund Private Sector Delegation (PSD) will host an event on the sidelines of the 38th Global Fund Board meeting to discuss opportunities in innovative health financing. A significant increase in resources and funding is essential if we are to reach sustainable development goal (SDG) targets including eliminating HIV, TB and Malaria by 2030. Pressures on donor financing combined ... Read More
Insights: Reaching Children Earlier to Disrupt Gender Norms and Improve Health - By Alyssa Govindan, Communications GENDER NORMS & HEALTH IMPLICATIONS While gender norms are being challenged in the West, in many other parts of the world they are becoming further engrained. Even at a young age, gender norms can dictate the activities boys and girls are allowed to participate in. Behaviors as simple as playing outside can be gendered, with boys ... Read More
Global Health Innovations: Harvard launches MalariaX online course - A new series featuring promising product or service innovations in global health Malaria is a devastating disease of massive scale and global reach. Worldwide, nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria. Much work remains, but recent data shows that alliances across diverse areas of the business sector have significantly contributed to recent gains in the ... Read More