World Malaria Day Interview: Michael Steinberg

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Michael Steinberg is Team Lead, Global Public Health & Special Projects at Chevron Corporation. He is also Co-Chair of the Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA).

Why is investing in malaria a priority for Chevron?

Ensuring the health and safety of the communities where we do business and our global workforce is one of our top priorities. We believe the success of our business is linked with the wellbeing of the surrounding community. We have operations across the globe including sub-Saharan Africa where this threat continues to be a significant problem.  

How does Chevron support, interact and partner with other stakeholders to accelerate progress in malaria control?

We have a long history of working with global and local partners in support of building stronger and healthier communities. We work across many entities and partners in a variety of ways including, financial investments; leveraging technical expertise; sponsorship; volunteerism; program tools and design; and as an active member of the community.

How does the fight against malaria relate to the fight against COVID-19? How can we step up the fight against malaria while dealing with a new pandemic?

We have been responding to COVID-19 in a systematic and collaborative way that focuses on the health and safety of the communities where we do business and our global workforce.

However, we clearly can’t just forget about the existing health threats that are still present in many locations we work in and call home. We have a lot of science, research and continued innovation in fighting malaria and we know it is often preventable and curable.

Chevron continues to respond to the current situation, utilizing the guidance of international and local health authorities. Our thoughts are with those affected by COVID-19 and the healthcare workers on the front lines battling to contain the outbreak. We continue to take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of exposure, including referring symptomatic workers for testing and screening workers and visitors at company facilities.

Business continuity measures, including alternative work arrangements, have been implemented and are continually reviewed. We are also regularly updating our workforce with guidance and tools through a variety of mechanisms. 

We see the critical need for continued support in: strengthening health systems; surveillance; training; testing; protective interventions, materials and resources. This support and investment should benefit past, current and future health threats. Once again, while we have to adapt to the current focus, we must not lose sight of these other everyday threats and should continue to provide education, communications and resources for those most at risk. 

What other aspect(s) of the fight against malaria do you want to highlight on this World Malaria Day?

I want to thank all the health care workers on the frontline, at this time with the COVID-19 response, but also those who have been serving public health since long before.

These are the same people who were supporting worker and community health before the current pandemic and will be long after. Please continue and implement integrated health care strategies when opportunities exist along with never ending reinforcement, education and training around protective and preventive safeguards. We can eliminate the threat with multifaceted and collaborative approaches, partnerships and evidence-based solutions.    

Chevron Corporation is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. Through its subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide, the company is involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. Chevron Corporation‘s anti-malarial programs are based on the ABCD strategy: Awareness (education and advocacy), Bite prevention, Chemoprophylaxis and Diagnosis. Chevron’s efforts to combat malaria occur at the regional and local business level through corporate partnerships with governments, business, NGOs and multilateral agencies. Learn more about how Chevron engages in community health issues here.

Ian MatthewsWorld Malaria Day Interview: Michael Steinberg