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Our businesses, economies & health are no longer separate; individuals, communities & nations are connected by a responsibility to invest in our shared futures.

In September, major donors increased their pledges to the Global Fund, and a record $14.25 billion was raised to prevent and treat malaria, HIV & TB. But it’s not enough.

GBCHealth created this short film urging the UK Government to pledge its support. The film was released alongside Malaria No More UK & STOPAIDS’ letter, signed by health & science experts, celebrities & UK business leaders.

If you’d like to know more about how we’re connecting & collaborating to improve health outcomes, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s been 125 years since the discovery that female anopheline mosquitos transmit malaria – so why is the world’s oldest pandemic still devastating lives in so many countries?

How are vector control interventions halting the impact of malaria on individuals, families & businesses? In this lively discussion, hosted by our Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa, experts from government, business & NGOs shared innovative vector control approaches that are helping to make up lost ground in the fight against malaria.

You can watch the discussion here. And if you’d like to know more about CAMA, and how we’re helping businesses make an impact, take a look here.


Under the umbrella of our CAMA initiative, the End Malaria Project is a call to action by CAMA and its partners to end malaria across Africa.

Beginning in Nigeria, the campaign - launched in May 2021 - will catalyze private sector capabilities and investment across the continent, bringing businesses together to enable greater collaboration & coordination.

To get involved with the project, please contact us.

In 2021, the British Government reneged on its commitment to donate 0.7% of GDP to ODA (official development assistance).

In September, GBCHealth gathered together key voices from within the private sector and wrote directly to Boris Johnson, creating a video that pulled together some of the strongest quotes from the letter’s signatories.

We’ve received a response. Read it here.