On the Road to Reducing Traffic Incidents

The World Bank Group recently released a report evaluating the economic cost of road traffic injuries (RTIs), especially in developing countries. Out of the 1.25 million deaths that occur on the world’s roads every year, 90% are in LMICs. While road accidents are emotionally traumatic and tragic, they also pose a broader financial burden on countries.

Reducing road traffic injuries could increase GDP per capita by 15-22% by 2042. In order to help countries achieve SDG 3.6, to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from RTIs, the report called on all sectors to demand that policymakers invest in traffic safety. The private sector can also be useful in developing and implementing modern road safety programs; and building and updating infrastructure.

“The report is an important step towards recognizing RTIs not just as a personal tragedy but also as an opportunity for public health interventions.”- The Lancet

photo credit: United Nations

Alyssa GovindanOn the Road to Reducing Traffic Incidents