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High-Level Panel Releases Interim and Final Reports

In July 2011, the Global Fund released the Interim Report from the High Level Independent Panel on Fiduciary Controls and Oversight Mechanisms. This interim report summarized the preliminary analysis and preparatory work conducted by the Panel, as well as the key points of inquiry to be addressed in the final report, which was released on September 20.

The Panel reviewed a representative sample of grants from 40 countries, with support from seven consultants and an external firm to provide expert analysis of Primary Recipient (PR) and grant documentation. It also conducted in-depth field visits to thirteen countries. In addition to reviewing grants and the work of PRs, the High Level Panel examined the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), including its governance, processes and policies. Included in that examination was a review of how other agencies conduct and manage their audits.

In its final report, the Panel outlines a series of recommendations to mitigate risk, institute Global Fund reforms and renew donor confidence. The recommendations include a comprehensive risk management framework, consolidated Board Committees, strengthened roles for the Executive Management Team (EMT) and Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM), as well as a pooled procurement system and two-stage grant proposal process.

At its 24th meeting on September 26 in Geneva, the Board agreed to move forward with the Consolidated Transformation Plan (CTP) that would contain the HLP recommendations and governance reform agenda (see more on the reform agenda below). A draft CTP will be distributed to the Board by October 31 for comment; the final draft will be released by November 10 for approval at the 25th Board meeting in November. This work will be overseen by a Coordinating Group, made up of Board and Committee chairs and vice-chairs.

To access the report, please visit: www.theglobalfund.org/en/highlevelpanel.

GBCHealth Launches New PSD Website

GBCHealth launched a new and improved PSD website in August. The new site provides a more comprehensive overview of the PSD’s role within the Global Fund, while highlighting private sector engagement activities around the world. Now you can more easily review key Global Fund stats and reports, access PSD overview materials and track private sector partnerships with the Fund.

We encourage you to visit: gbchealth.org/psd.

Private Sector Delegation Convenes for its Bi-Annual Pre-Board Meeting

GBCHealth hosts its Bi-Annual PSD meeting, November 19 in Accra, Ghana. This private meeting of 15-20 leading corporations and regional CCM or NBC representatives will focus on the key issues and policies being presented to the Global Fund Board during its 25th Bi-Annual meeting, November 21-22. A special networking reception highlighting private sector partnerships will follow the PSD meeting. In addition, participants can attend an optional site visit to a malaria control program on November 18, implemented by the Fund’s first private sector principal grant recipient, AngloGold Ashanti, in partnership with the Ghanaian government.

For more information about the PSD and Global Fund meetings, please contact Aisha Taylor at .


SABMiller, SABCOHA and Global Fund Join Forces for an Innovative Workplace Program in South Africa

In Febuary 2011, Private Sector Advisory Group member, SABMiller, the Global Fund and the South African Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS (SABCOHA) announced a progressive partnership to combat HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The Global Fund has channeled R36-million toward a workplace program with additional resources met by SAB, SABCOHA and the government. These pooled contributions have been leveraged to implement a range of initiatives within the workplace program:

  • SAB’s Tavern Intervention Programme for Men (TIP) – A progressive initiative training facilitators who will engage with 4,000 men across South Africa to address HIV/AIDS, responsible alcohol consumption, gender violence and children’s rights.
  • Project Promote – A public-private partnership to assist in reaching government condom distribution goals.
  • BizAIDS – An initiative helping micro- and small-sized companies protect their businesses from the threat of HIV/AIDS.
  • Peer Educator Training and Support – A program providing HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.

SABMiller’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Transformation Vincent Maphai says, “This multi-stakeholder partnership gives added hope in driving a meaningful and effective impact in the lives of communities”.

For more information on this innovative public-private partnership, please click here.

Global Fund Board Advances an Ambitious Governance Reform Agenda

At its 22nd meeting, the Board of the Global Fund formed a Comprehensive Reform Working Group (CRWG) to analyze current challenges in the Fund’s effectiveness and propose recommendations for a way forward. The Group identified governance at the Board, Committee and Secretarial levels as one of the critical challenges facing the institution.

To address these challenges, the CRWG recommended an ambitious reform agenda over the next year, including redefining the Board’s role, structure and processes; restructuring Committees; and developing a decision-making framework and performance metrics. Objectives of the reform process are to strengthen transparency, streamline communication and improve decision making processes. In light of the recent High Level Panel recommendations, the governance reform agenda will be incorporated into the Consolidated Transformation Plan, including a detailed implementation strategy.

Round 11 Launched with New Eligibility, Prioritization and Counterpart Financing Policy

Round 11 Call for Proposals is now open with an application deadline of March 1, 2012, extended from December 15, 2011, due to a revised downward estimate of the amount and timing of available funding. It was initially expected that the revised policy on eligibility criteria, counterpart financing and prioritization, approved at the 23rd Board Meeting in May 2011, would apply to Round 11, the Second Wave of National Strategy Applications (NSA), the Health Systems Funding Platform (HSFP) pilot and future funding opportunities. However, because of recent suggestions put forth by the HLP, current deliberations on the strategy and reform process, and uncertainty around the Round 11 funding envelope, the Board and Secretariat will consider options to possibly modify the application and approval process for existing and new investments. The results of this review will be communicated to the Board by December 1, 2011.

Global Fund Signs International Aid Transparency Initiative

On June 23, the Global Fund announced that it has become a signatory of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The signing of IATI means that grant information currently on the Global Fund website will be aligned with an internationally agreed set of standards. Financial and grant activity data and documentation will be accessible to a broader audience and will be comparable to information provided by other donors.

The Global Fund joins other donor countries, developing countries and partners such as GAVI, the World Bank, UNDP, France, the United Kingdom and others in a critical effort to harmonize donor reporting. IATI further strengthens the Global Fund’s demonstrated commitment to transparency.

Global Fund Making Headway with Five-Year Strategy

The Global Fund’s 2012-2016 Strategy is a high level framework, encompassing the Fund’s core mandate/mission, desired health impacts, key objectives and pertinent initiatives over five years. The initial draft document was approved at the 23rd Board meeting. A Sub-Working Group, formed from the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) in partnership with the Secretariat, further revised the document for broad consultations during the Partnership Forum, June 28-30 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Strategy Sub-Working Group and Secretariat have since made further advances on the content through several regional meetings with key stakeholders. The final draft will be reviewed by the PSC at the end of October, taking into account the HLP recommendations, before it is presented to the Board in November 2011 at its 25th convening.

Changes in Leadership

The following recent changes were made in Board, Committee and Constituency leadership:

  • Private Sector Alternate and Board Members elected – From March-May 2011, the PSD went through a comprehensive and consultative process for the private sector Board and Alternate member election. Based on Advisory Group feedback, Renuka Gadde, Director of Global Health at BD, was elected as Alternate Board member, and Brian Brink, Chief Medical Officer at Anglo American plc, was re-elected as Board member.
  • Elected Board Chair Mr. Martin Dinham steps down – Due to a deteriorating health condition, Mr. Dinham stepped down from his Board Chair position. Simon Bland, UK/Australia Board representative, will act as Interim Chair until a suitable replacement is elected. The donor constituency will recommend a candidate by October 15, 2011.
  • PIC Chair Michele Maloney-Kitts resigns – Michele Maloney-Kitts will no longer hold the position of Portfolio and Implementation Committee (PIC) Chair, as she will be leading the ‘Together For Girls’ public-private partnership.
  • Community Delegations Elects Alternate – The Communities Living with HIV, Tuberculosis and affected by Malaria Delegation elected Ms. Lucy Chesire, Executive Director of TB Action Group, as the Interim Alternate Board Member, effective September 1, 2011-January 1, 2011.

The Global Fund Continues to Raise Funds for 2011-2013 Replenishment

On June 30, 2011, the Global Fund announced the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, which aims to raise a total of US$45 million toward the global goal of eliminating malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Up to US$12 million of funds raised will be disbursed through the Global Fund. Click here for more info.

The Global Fund also welcomed a commitment of €163.5 million by the Netherlands on July 15, 2011. Despite a reduction in the country’s official development assistance budget (ODA), the Netherlands remains the tenth largest donor to the Global Fund, with a total of €648 million pledged since 2002. Click here for more info.

The Private Sector Delegation (PSD) is hosted by GBCHealth

For more information on how your company or private sector organization can get involved, please contact PSD Focal Point, Anna Thompson-Quaye at .



Sept 26 | 24 Board Meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

Sept 29-30 | Policy and Implementation Committee (PIC) meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 3-5 | Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 6-7 | Market Dynamics and Commodities (MDC) meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 10-11 | IRS Workshop
Johannesburg, South Africa

Oct 13-14 | Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm) Committee meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

Oct 24-26 | Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) meeting

Nov 21-22 | 25 Board Meeting
Accra, Ghana


1. Turn the page from emergency to sustainable response
2. Define a doctrine of risk and manage it
3. Strengthen internal governance
4. Institute a new grant approval process
5. Empower middle management’s decision-making
6. “Get serious about results”

The report also recognizes the central role of the Fund, stating that, “The Global Fund has led a significant evolutionary step forward in all of development assistance by financing performance-based, inclusive, country-focused, public-private projects that are subject to independent technical review.”


Key efforts include:

  • Redefining Board role and structure
  • Improving constituency functioning
  • Improving performance management
  • Accessing Board composition

FRIENDS OF GLOBAL FUND AFRICA OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR ROUND 11 Friends Africa Technical Assistance Hub was established in 2008 to provide organizations with expert consultant support to meet their health development needs. The TA Hub serves all levels and sectors and will be particularly instrumental in assisting County Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) with Global Fund Proposal Development for Round 11.

For further details, please click here.

For a list of additional organizations providing technical support for Round 11 proposals, please click here.


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