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This edition of the Global Fund PSD Newsletter contains

2014-2016 Funding Allocations, Major Policy Decisions and Committee Member Appointments at 31st Global Fund Board Meeting

March 3-7 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Board members and their delegations met in Jakarta, Indonesia, to finalize key elements of the new funding model (NFM) in preparation for its launch. The Board approved six interlinked decisions that will allow the immediate roll out of the NFM, with a total allocation of $15.77 billion to country programs in 2014-2016.

PSD members were in attendance led by Board Member Paul Schaper (Merck/MSD) and Alternate Renuka Gadde (BD). The Board also approved new members to the Strategy Impact and Investment Committee (SIIC) and the Audit and Ethics Committee (AEC). Members for the Finance and Operational Performance Committee will be appointed in mid-April after additional nominations are received. Learn more here. Read a summary of all key decisions taken here.

New Funding Model Moves Forward

At the 31st Global Fund Board Meeting, the Board approved the final major decisions necessary to launch full implementation of the new funding model (NFM), effective immediately. The Global Fund will provide a total of $16.38 billion in available funding for the fight against the three diseases in the coming allocation period, including $15.77 billion to individual country programs, $200 million to new regional initiatives and $100 million in strategic investments, such as technical assistance to develop concept notes and strengthen country data systems. The total amount includes funding raised in the recent 4th Replenishment Conference as well as unspent funds from the 3rd Replenishment. The PSD strongly supported the decisions to launch full implementation and played a key role in aligning support with other constituencies. Read more here.

PSD Implements New Taskforce Structure

At the PSD’s 3rd Annual Retreat in October 2013, members launched an internal taskforce structure to drive activities related to PSD priority areas. The taskforces provide a mechanism for PSD companies to channel their expertise to advance the Global Fund’s mission and strategies. Each taskforce will set goals for its respective area, making the mechanism more proactive and sharply focused. Taskforce participation will also allow PSD members to delve deeper into topics of particular interest to their individual companies.

Three taskforces will support the PSD’s engagement with the Global Fund Board’s Committees: the Strategy Investment and Impact Committee; the Finance and Operational Performance Committee; and the Market Dynamics Advisory Group. The remaining three will focus on cross-cutting topics: (1) Procurement and Quality Assurance; (2) Health Systems Strengthening and Supply Chain Management; and (3) Performance-Based Grants.

A Year of Accomplishments: Read the 2013 PSD Annual Report

Read the PSD’s 2013 Annual Report to learn about the Private Sector Delegation’s contribution to the Global Fund’s mission over the past year. In 2013, the PSD contributed to important Global Fund decisions and deliberations including revising the Global Fund’s Performance Framework, finalizing the design of the new funding model and launching a pilot phase, and appointing a new independent Inspector General. The PSD also defined priorities for 2014, developed an internal taskforce structure and conducted an analysis of private sector contributions to the Global Fund. Read the report to find out about these and other achievements.

Vale Contributes $3 Million to the Global Fund, Joins the PSD

Brazil-based metals and mining company and GBCHealth supporter Vale has announced a $3 million contribution to the Global Fund to help support malaria programs in Mozambique and Malawi. Marking the first time a Latin American company has made a direct contribution to the Fund, Vale’s pledge demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to addressing malaria in Africa. “The private sector is playing a pivotal role in supporting the fight against the diseases, through monetary contributions or in-kind donations. Vale’s donation sets an example for others to follow,” said Dr. Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund. The partnership was announced at a reception for the Fund’s Fourth Voluntary Replenishment Conference in Washington, D.C. in December. Read more here.

Following the announcement, Vale joined the PSD in December 2013. Vale will bring its insights and expertise fighting malaria in Africa and also brings greater diversity of industry representation to the PSD. Dr. Carla Decotelli and Heloisa Jardim, Global Health Corporate General Manager and Global Health Corporate Analyst, respectively, in Vale’s Health & Safety Department, will represent Vale on the PSD.

Accenture Development Partners Joins the PSD as Newest PSD Affiliate Member

Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) became the newest company to join the PSD as an Affiliate member in March 2014. ADP is the not-for-profit division of Accenture that makes the core skills and assets of Accenture accessible to over 640 international development organizations. ADP will be represented on the PSD by Anastasia Thatcher, Global Health Lead.

Results-Based Funding Mechanism Piloted in Rwanda

Rwanda and the Global Fund signed a grant agreement on February 10 to implement Rwanda’s national strategic plan for HIV under a new model designed to improve efficiency, maximize impact and reduce oversight. This innovative approach is designed to align better with existing national systems and strategies, lessen administrative burdens and costs, and emphasize mutual accountability. The agreement also ties disbursements to outcome and impact indicators, allowing for greater country ownership, flexibility as to how funds are spent, and savings to be re-invested in national programs.

This is the first time that the Global Fund will use this approach, which aims to “empower high-performing countries like Rwanda to further invest for higher impact,” according to Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Global Fund Board Chair. Rwanda is a global health success story, having reduced HIV incidence among its adult population by more than 50 percent since 2000. The Global Fund intends to extend this approach in grants to other countries as well as grants for malaria and TB. Read more.

Bank of America Joins (RED), Pledges $10 million

Product (RED) and Bank of America launched a partnership in February 2014 to raise $10 million for the Global Fund. Through the initiative, Bank of America contributed $1 to (RED) every time the U2 song “Invisible” was downloaded for free during and after the US Super Bowl on February 2nd and 3rd. In addition, Bank of America will match all subsequent contributions made through (RED)’s website before December 31, 2015. Read more here.

GBCHealth Appointed Focal Point for Roll Back Malaria Private Sector Constituency

In January 2014, the Roll Back Malaria Private Sector Constituency appointed GBCHealth as its Focal Point. This new role builds on GBCHealth’s capabilities and track record as Focal Point for the PSD and its experience as the implementing partner for the Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa (CAMA). With both Focal Point roles housed within GBCHealth, there will be greater collaboration and consultation between the two private sector groups on shared priorities moving forward. Information sharing and coordination of activities will be further enabled by the fact that one staff member helps to support both the PSD and RBM Focal Points. For more information on the RBM Private Sector group, contact , Director and Focal Point WHO/RBM Private Sector Constituency.

Replenishment Raises $12 Billion, Private Sector Pledges Over $600 Million

The Global Fund’s 4th Replenishment Conference took place in Washington, D.C., on December 2 and 3, 2013. Entitled, “No Time to Lose: Sharing the Responsibility to Save Lives,” the Conference resulted in a combined $12 billion in pledges on the part of government and private sector donors to fund Global Fund programs and fight the three diseases over the 2014-2016 period. Private Sector Board Member Paul Schaper and Alternate Board Member Renuka Gadde represented the PSD at the Pledging Conference. PSD member companies Chevron, Eli Lilly, Mylan, Product (RED) and Vale also attended the conference and related events.

Companies and foundations pledged over $600 million, including:

  • Gates Foundation: $500 million over three years
  • Product(RED): $40 million over two years
  • BHP Billiton: $10 million over three years
  • Chevron Corporation: $5 million over two years
  • Vale: $3 million over three years
  • Takeda: $3 million over three years
  • Ecobank: $3 million over three years

Most major government donors renewed or increased their pledges to the Fund, with Japan and Canada increasing their three-year commitments by 40 percent and 20 percent, respectively, over their 2010 pledges. The United States, the Fund’s largest donor, announced a starting pledge of $4 billion, with the possibility of increasing to a total three-year contribution of $5 billion if others made additional pledges. The new commitments will allow the Fund to build on recent successes and accelerate impacts in the fight to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria globally. Read more here.


MYLAN: Eliminating Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Nigeria

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of generics, Mylan supplies high-quality, low-cost treatments to 40 percent of people currently on antiretroviral therapy (ARVs). Now, through a partnership announced on World AIDS Day 2013, Mylan aims to expand access to ARV treatment. A partnership between Mylan, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Business Leadership Council (BLC) in Nigeria aims to catalyze in-country talent to eliminate mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT) of HIV. Read more.

UKRAINE: Dealing with the Highest Dual Burden of TB and HIV in Europe

Over the last year, Ukraine has made notable progress in the fight against HIV. HIV incidence in Eastern Europe, unlike other regions in the world, has been on the increase and Ukraine has the most severe HIV and TB epidemics in Europe. The Global Fund has invested over $362 million in Ukraine, $320 million of which targeted HIV programs. These grants were audited by the Fund’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in 2012 and were found to be well-performing with a number of good practices and positive outcomes. However, the OIG also called for the Ukrainian government to scale up HIV prevention activities and to address the large unmet demand for antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). On the TB front, the Global Fund Grant Approval Committee recommended a $59.5 million renewal for a TB grant in 2013, but cited concerns about deficiencies in the national TB program and health systems. Read more about the HIV and TB epidemic in Ukraine here.

Meet the PSD

Carla Decotelli,

Global Health Corporate General Manager, Health & Safety Department, Vale

Rebecca Stevens,

Director of Public Affairs, Malaria Initative, Novartis

How did Vale become involved with the Global Fund?

For the past few years, Vale has strengthened its operations in Africa and, in doing so, our perception of the impact of health issues on people’s lives became clearer. We have recognized the serious outcomes endemic diseases cause in this region, and therefore, have implemented programs and/or measures of control to prevent diseases such as malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS within the scope of our operations. Because we intend to sustain a positive legacy in the countries where we operate, we believe that our contribution to the Global Fund in Africa will not only bring a positive legacy to places where our operations are located, but it will also reinforce our most prized value which is: Life matters most. Furthermore, as a Brazilian Company, we have been through similar challenges to those faced by Africa, and we therefore believe that “South-South” collaboration may bring great opportunities for engagement.

How did Novartis become involved with the Global Fund?

Novartis is the largest producer of artemisinin-based combination therapies to fight malaria. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the WHO in 2001 to provide our antimalarial drug Coartem® not-for-profit to the public sector in malaria endemic countries. When the Global Fund was created in 2002, it was only natural for Novartis to join forces with this organization to control and eliminate malaria. Novartis works with the Global Fund to bring effective malaria treatments to patients in need.

Read the full interviews here.


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Private Sector Delegation Companies and Represenatives

Board Member: Paul Schaper, Executive Director, Global Public Policy, Merck & Co.

Alternate Board Member: Renuka Gadde, Vice President, Global Health, BD

Advisory Group Members

Elizabeth Hanpeter, Senior Manager, HIV Global Projects

Dr. Ann Lion, Vice President, International Health Policy & Systems

Naz Todini, Senior Associate

Omobolanle Babatunde, Head, Corporate Communications & Sustainability

Dr. Brian Brink, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Gerhard Hesse, Head of Global Partnering/Vector Control

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
Renuka Gadde, Vice President, Global Health

Amy Israel, Program Manager, Global Health Programs & Access

Dr. Evan Lee, Vice President, Global Health Programs & Access

Graeme Robertson, Director, Access Operations & Emerging Markets

Polly Fields, Director, Government Affairs

Paul Schaper, Executive Director, Global Public Policy

Erika Satterwhite, Manager, Global Policy

Scott Evertz, Consultant

Rebecca Stevens, Director of Public Affairs, Novartis Malaria Initiative

Luisa Engel, Senior Manager of ONE/(RED) Special Projects

René Cazetien, Associate Vice President of Operations, Access to Medicines

Dr. Carla Decotelli, Global Health Corporate General Manager, Health & Safety Department

Heloisa Jardim, Global Health Corporate Analyst, Health & Safety Department

Affiliate Members


Anastasia Thatcher, Global Health Lead


Donna Bawden, Health Development Consultant


GBCHealth is the Focal Point for the Private Sector Delegation to the Global Fund, working with the committed companies of the Advisory Group to steer Global Fund priorities and policies, while also ensuring that the Global Fund actively engages the business sector.

For more information on how your company or private sector organization can get involved, please contact PSD Focal Point, Whitney White at Learn more about the Private Sector Delegation.