The Health Credit Exchange (HCX) is GBCHealth’s inaugural innovative financing initiative. HCX is a platform that connects business to high-performing and innovative public health programs targeting those most in need. It is an attempt by the founding partners, GBCHealth, Total Impact Advisors and the MDG Health Alliance, to operate at the convergence of macro-trends in aid and best business practices by facilitating direct engagement with the private sector to fill gaps in health financing.

Through the HCX, private contributions are aggregated in a Donor Advised Fund and paid to providers for the achievement of performance-based outcomes. Using a ‘pay for performance’ model, the Exchange will seek to complement existing donor funding and make it more efficient, by:

  • Aligning private sector health investments to national and global health and development goals
  • Incentivizing providers to achieve evidence-based results that stimulate better outcomes
  • Giving providers greater discretion to find local solutions in complex operating environments

To learn more about the HCX, view the Executive Summary or Frequently Asked Questions.

The Health Credit Exchange and the Global Financing Facility

In July 2015, GBCHealth announced a partnership with the Global Financing Facility (GFF) in Support of Every Woman Every Child to work through the HCX to enable the private sector to fully contribute their resources and expertise to support the World Bank’s performance-based financing (PBF) programs. Private sector partners are able to utilize the HCX platform to indicate programmatic priorities and work closely with the management partners to develop incentive structures.

View the EWEC-GFF Press Release announcing the partnership here.

The HCX was also featured in an article by Devex.

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