Innovations in Global Health: Fio Market Solutions for Frontline Health Workers

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A new series featuring promising product or service innovations in global health

Fio is a global leader at the confluence of key forces reshaping healthcare: decentralization of care; mobile smart technology; big data aggregation; artificial intelligence; predictive analytics and insight; performance-based funding; and globally affordable, inclusive solutions.

Fio innovated and globally markets a solution, Fionet, consisting of AI-powered, hand-held smart-devices, cloud services, and interconnectivity services to link with 3rd-party diagnostic devices and health information systems.  Fionet transforms the reach, quality, and economics of healthcare.

Fio’s clients include Ministries of Health, leading private healthcare providers, militaries, international donors, and leading health technology companies. Fio markets in developed countries as well as in frontier economies modernizing their healthcare systems.

Learn more about Fionet deployments in the Democratic Republic of Congo with IVANHOE, in Kenya with the Gates Foundation, in Nigeria with ExxonMobil, and a recent partnership with Interswitch in Nigeria.

Fio devices enable average frontline healthcare workers to perform diagnostic tests and make treatment decisions like experts.  Frontline care delivery drives unprecedented real-time insights to remote supervisors, public health agencies, funders, governments, and industry. These insights eliminate waste, improve care, pinpoint opportunities, and enable rapid response to threats.

About Fio

Fio management previously built a world leading, NASDAQ-traded medical imaging software company, which was core to diagnostic imaging of one billion patients and to $100B of imaging equipment sales, such as MRI, CT, and nuclear medicine imagers, by the world’s most demanding technology companies.  Fio management also previously developed advanced mobile phone software, core to 300,000,000 mobile phones shipped by Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry. Fio’s advisors, directors, and investors represent the highest caliber of acumen and reputation in global health, government, entrepreneurship, multinational businesses, technology, and finance.



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Ian MatthewsInnovations in Global Health: Fio Market Solutions for Frontline Health Workers