GBCHealth Announces Finalists of the Second Round of 2016 Business Action on Health Awards

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GBCHealth is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2016 Business Action on Health Awards in the categories of: Partnerships for Global Health, Community Programs—Focus on Global Health Security, and Workforce & Workplace Engagement. This select group of finalists represents best-in-class initiatives among private sector actors to make the world a safer and healthier place to live.

Championing a variety of health and development approachesincluding increasing access to safe, affordable and quality services and treatment, strengthening local & national capacity, applying core competencies, and harnessing education and awareness-raising platformsthese companies have developed and executed impactful programs across 28 nations, demonstrating the private sector’s deep commitment and ability to transform lives across the world.

All finalists will now be rigorously assessed by an external panel of esteemed judges—comprised of internationally-respected experts from government, multilateral, NGO, academic and business sectors. Honors for each category will be presented to the winning and commended programs during high-profile events later this year.

Congratulations to all the finalists on their success! We wish them all best as they move to the next stage in the Business Action on Health Awards evaluation process.

Community Programs: Health Security
in alphabetical order
Program Name Description
Aqua Cargo & Freight Stop TB and Safeguarding Mothers and their Unborn Babies Dual-purpose, workplace-based program focused on raising awareness and changing behavior to decrease tuberculosis rates; and encouraging blood donation to combat maternal mortality.
Bayer Bayer Dengue Learning Lab Unique global online training platform to raise awareness and knowledge amongst the general public and schoolchildren regarding the management and prevention of dengue and Zika.
Etisalat Control of the Methanol Poisoning Outbreak in Ondo state, Nigeria Multi-partner mHealth initiative equipping healthcare providers with mobile technology and reliable data services to diagnose conditions that cause maternal and infant mortality, capture patient information and uphold good health practices.
Janssen, Johnson & Johnson Mission TB Free India Comprehensive program to combat TB in India through mass-media, mass-transit and community-based ambassador awareness campaigns; enhanced TB diagnostics; patient- specific nutritional programs; and training programs for primary care providers.
Labiofam S.A. Community Program for the Comprehensive Control of Vectors of Malaria and Other Diseases in Angola Far-reaching preventative program to control mosquito-borne vectors transmitting malaria and other diseases with the use of physical, biological and chemical methods, as well as community engagement through social mobilization, health education and the cleaning and sanitation of breeding sites.
Partnerships for Global Health
in alphabetical order
Program Name Description
GE Safe Surgery 2020 Multi-partner initiative endeavoring to reduce maternal and trauma-related mortality and create stronger health systems by transforming access, quality and safety of surgical care in low-and middle-income countries.
IBM Corporate Citizenship IBM Health Corps Corporate citizenship program focused on reducing health disparities across the globe by applying IBM’s unique capabilities in data analytics, cognitive computing and health consulting to help communities improve health access, services and outcomes.
Sanofi My Child Matters Integrated approach to improving children’s chances of surviving cancer in low-resource countries, by supporting improvements to healthcare infrastructure, access to services, local capacity, and public awareness.
Teck Resources Limited Zinc Alliance for Child Health A public-private partnership scaling up zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS) as a life-saving treatment for childhood diarrhea in five countries with high under-five mortality rates.
Workplace & Workforce Engagement
in alphabetical order
Program Name Description
Cardno Emerging Markets USAID/Uganda Private Health Support Program Training, organizing and mobilizing Ugandan private health providers to improve access to and quality of care and services; create a standard of care; and expand local capacity.
Chevron Corporation Your Health Comprehensive workplace program with a global focus on the lifestyle risks associated with cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and mosquito-borne diseases (including malaria & Zika).
Delta Corporation Step Change Existing HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and counseling program expanded to combat a surge of non-communicable diseases within its workforce, dependents and supply chain.
Hippo Valley Estates Wellness and Disease Management Program Wellness program centered on providing ongoing health surveillance; case management of acute and chronic medical conditions; maternal and child health services; and prevention of communicable diseases for employees and their dependents.

GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards


Nisa PatelGBCHealth Announces Finalists of the Second Round of 2016 Business Action on Health Awards