The Private Sector Malaria Coalition (PSMC) is the pre-eminent platform for the private sector to work together for a malaria-free world. The PSMC harnesses the collective and varied strengths of the global private sector, and works with global and regional partners to achieve malaria elimination goals.

As a group of companies, the PSMC brings diversified expertise, business ethics, implementation skills, and structured processes to the achievement of the goals of the WHO’s Global Technical Strategy and Roll Back Malaria’s (RBM) Action and Investment to Defeat Malaria. The PSMC is the primary platform for the private sector to share its perspective on malaria issues and work with the RBM Partnership and other regional organizations to shape global malaria policy.

The RBM Partnership is the global platform for coordinated action against malaria. It mobilizes action and resources, and forges consensus among partners. RBM aims to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality by reaching universal coverage and elimination goals in the Global Technical Strategy (2016-2030) and the Action and Investment to defeat Malaria 2016 – 2030 (AIM). Together with over 500 partners in the RBM Partnership, the PSMC is working to end malaria for good.

Since January 2014, GBCHealth has served as the Focal Point for the PSMC. In this role, GBCHealth works with companies to facilitate their interaction with the RBM Partnership and within the malaria community at large. We also provide critical policy analysis, communications and coordination support to the coalition.

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