What We Do

CAMA’s work centers on the development of corporate workplace and community malaria programs. Building from this, CAMA creates opportunities for companies to engage with leaders from governments, NGOs, academia, and other sectors to identify where and how competencies can be leveraged to further malaria efforts in Africa. We focus on:

  • Convening country-level dialogues with key stakeholders to explore issues related to malaria interventions of local specificity. These dialogues ensure that corporate and non-corporate capacities are enhanced through best practice exchange.
  • Connecting corporate sector representatives with their peers and key stakeholders to advance dialogues and opportunities for partnership.
  • Catalyzing multi-sector activities and partnerships which capitalize on the skills and assets of the private sector, including resources, innovation, financial management, logistics, marketing/branding, to increase the scale and impact of malaria control initiatives in key priority countries.

End Malaria Project

Past Events

Workshop: Capitalizing on Competencies: Partnering to Eliminate Malaria and Accelerate Progress on Maternal and Child Health

Workshop: Private Sector Opportunities in IRS and Malaria Control In West Africa 

The Road to Malaria Elimination 2020 – Investment and Beyond 

Angola Entomology Training Workshop

2013 CAMA Member Meeting

Workshop: Private Sector Opportunities in IRS and Malaria Control in West Africa

12th NMCP Best-Practice Sharing Workshop Expanding Access to Quality-Assured ACTs

Spotlight Session on Malaria Elimination During the 2013 GBCHealth Annual Conference

Inaugural CAMA Dinner on the Eve of the 2013 GBCHealth Annual Conference

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