GBCHealth has long been a resource for insights and best practices in global health, and we developed this resource to collect the latest information and developments in the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back here regularly for an updated collection of tools, resources and guidelines for businesses to help navigate COVID-19.

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COVID-19 and the Three Diseases





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Staying Healthy & Preventing the Spread

“[The message to wear a mask will only be heeded if it is] consistently and honestly delivered by the media, religious leaders, sports figures and public servants… One of the worst aspects of America’s divided politics is the polarization of something as practical as a mask. It’s not a partisan or cultural symbol, not a sign of weakness or virtue. It’s simply a good method — not a perfect one, but a proven one — to contain a cough or prevent the virus from getting in your mouth or nose.” – Chris Christie, Former Governor of New Jersey

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