Center for Global Development Releases New Global Health Book

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by Amanda Glassman, Vice President for Programs, Director of Global Health Policy, and Senior Fellow , Center for Global Development

MillionsSaved_Chosen-webOver the past 15 years, people in low- and middle-income countries have experienced a health revolution—one that has created new opportunities and brought new challenges. It is a revolution that keeps mothers and babies alive, helps children grow, and enables adults to thrive.

A new Center for Global Development (CGD) book, Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health, authored by Amanda Glassman and Miriam Temin with the Millions Saved team, chronicles this global revolution from the ground up. It showcases 18 remarkable cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries succeeded and 4 cases in which promising interventions fell short of their health targets when scaled-up in real world conditions. Each case demonstrates how much effort is required to fight illness and sustain good health. Sometimes technology can be the game changer; far more often, however, success emerges from wise strategic choices, quality analysis, and sound leadership. Together, the cases offer lessons about what it takes to bring good health to all.

In a foreword to the book, Bill Gates says, “I encourage global health experts, policymakers, funders, and anyone else interested in helping create a better world to read Millions Saved. I am confident you will come away with a clearer sense of what the world has learned about fighting some of our biggest health challenges—and how we can use that knowledge to save even more lives.” We at CGD hope that corporations, including GBCHealth members, find the book insightful and useful for the incredible work they are doing to combat today’s biggest health issues.

Learn more about Millions Saved on CGD’s multimedia microsite, where you can explore the details and data behind each case. And check out CGD’s partnership with The Guardian called Health Revolution, which features articles, videos and more based on cross-cutting themes in the book.


Amanda Glassman is the vice president for programs, director of global health policy, and a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, leading work on priority-setting, resource allocation, and value for money in global health. She has 20 years of experience working on health and social protection policy and programs in Latin America and elsewhere in the developing world.

Nisa PatelCenter for Global Development Releases New Global Health Book