Applications are now open for the first of the 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards: Focus on Women and Girls

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Each year, GBCHealth’s Business Action on Health Awards shines a spotlight on exemplary corporate programs that address global health challenges in unique, high-impact and collaborative ways.

Improving the health of women and girls around the world is a top priority for the international community, as evidenced by the inclusion of specific health targets in the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In 2016, GBCHealth is introducing a new award category to recognize a company that has demonstrated leadership and commitment to improving the health and well-being of women and girls, through the implementation of a high-impact, evidence-based health program with demonstrable results. Examples of programs that would qualify for this award include workplace/workforce interventions targeting female employees, community investment initiatives, deployment of company core competencies, advocacy campaigns, and other philanthropic activities to specifically address gender-based disparities in health and wellness.

Applicants to the 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards: Focus on Women and Girls award will undergo a rigorous evaluation process undertaken by a panel of internationally-respected judges with global health expertise, drawn from across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Honors will be presented to one winning company and two commended companies during a high-profile international event, to be announced later this month. Please note that additional categories for the 2016 Business Action on Health Awards will be announced later.

The GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards honor companies that exemplify a spirit of innovation and dedication to outstanding achievements in global health. Winning programs are:

Results-oriented | Winning programs achieve significant advancements and improvements in the health and wellness of their target populations. They use approaches and methods that others can replicate, adapt or expand to new contexts, multiplying impact.

Innovative | Winning programs embody the future of global health and wellness. They offer creative and ground-breaking solutions to modern challenges, while implementing practices that are socially and economically sustainable.

Compelling models for action | Winning programs impact not only their target populations but inspire and motivate, galvanizing corporate peers and non-profit partners alike to renew and invigorate their efforts.

Strengthen communities | Winning programs are aligned with and support local and national health guidelines, strategies and goals, ensuring their investments support community development.

Eligibility: The Business Action on Health Awards are restricted to for-profit companies. However, non-profit implementing and convening partners such as NGOs and national business coalitions are encouraged to nominate their for-profit partners. Applicants/nominees who have not previously applied for a GBCHealth Award are especially encouraged to do so. Applications should be submitted for programs and initiatives that are currently being implemented.

Application: Companies can apply by completing the application form here.
Applications must be submitted no later than February 22, 2016.

Nomination: Third parties can nominate worthy programs by contacting us at . Nominations must be submitted no later than February 1, 2016. GBCHealth will contact nominated companies and invite them to complete the entry format.


Margaret ArbogastApplications are now open for the first of the 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards: Focus on Women and Girls