Applications Open for Second Round of 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards

header-3Applications are now open for the 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards in the categories of: Partnerships for Global Health, Community Programs—Focus on Global Health Security, and Workforce & Workplace Engagement. Apply now and share with your networks.

The GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards honor companies that exemplify a spirit of innovation and dedication to outstanding achievements in global health. GBCHealth is pleased to announce that the application process is now open for three additional categories of the 2016 Business Action on Health Awards. For-profit companies are eligible to apply for an award in the following categories:

Partnerships for Global Health | When working together towards a shared goal, private sector companies are able to implement more efficient programs. Partnerships that capitalize on the core business strengths of each corporate participant have an even greater impact. This award recognizes two or more companies working together, or a company working with multi-sector partners, to address health challenges. Apply for Partnerships for Global Health Award.

Community Programs: Focus on Health Security | GBCHealth has introduced a new sub-category to recognize the business community’s rapid response to effectively address disease outbreaks such as Ebola, Zika, MRSA and others, as they arise. This award will highlight the importance of strengthening local health systems through community engagement, infrastructure development, and integration in order to establish systems that are able to prevent and/or rapidly detect and respond to outbreaks now and in the future. Apply for the Community Programs: Global Health Security Focus Award.

Workplace and Workforce Engagement | At the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis, when GBCHealth was founded, few companies had programs to protect their employees and communities. Today, corporate health programs of all types are increasingly mainstreamed with dedicated staff and firms to deliver them. This award recognizes a corporate workplace program that is continuing to evolve by integrating new approaches, health issues and leaders to more effectively protect and improve the health and well-being of their employees. Apply for Workplace and Workforce Engagement Award.

Applicants for the 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards will undergo a rigorous evaluation process by an independent panel of internationally-respected judges with global health expertise, drawn from across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Click here to see some of our past judges. Honors for each category will be presented to one winning company and one to two commended companies during a high-profile international event, to be announced later this summer.

The GBCHealth’s Business Action on Health Awards shine a spotlight on exemplary corporate programs that address global health challenges in unique, high-impact and collaborative ways. Winning programs are:

Results-oriented | Winning programs achieve significant advancements and improvements in the health and wellness of their target populations. They use approaches and methods that others can replicate, adapt or expand to new contexts, multiplying impact.

Innovative | Winning programs embody the future of global health and wellness. They offer creative and ground-breaking solutions to modern challenges, while implementing practices that are socially and economically sustainable.

Compelling models for action | Winning programs impact not only their target populations but inspire and motivate; they are often adaptable and galvanize corporate peers and non-profit partners alike to renew and invigorate their efforts and form partnerships to create positive health impacts.

Strengthening systems for health | Winning programs are aligned with and support local and national health guidelines, strategies and goals, ensuring their investments support community development and contribute to the strengthening of a country’s health care system.

Eligibility: The Business Action on Health Awards are restricted to for-profit companies. However, non-profit implementing and convening partners such as NGOs and national business coalitions are encouraged to nominate their for-profit partners. Applicants/nominees who have not previously applied for a GBCHealth Award are especially encouraged to do so. Applications should be submitted for programs and initiatives that are currently being implemented.

Application: Companies can apply by completing the application form. Applications must be submitted no later than August 3, 2016.

Nomination: Third parties can nominate worthy programs by contacting us at . Nominations must be submitted no later than July 8, 2016.  GBCHealth will contact nominated companies and invite them to complete the application form.

In May, GBCHealth presented the 2016 Business Action on Health Award in the category of  Women and Girls to Johnson & Johnson at the Women Deliver Conference. Learn more about the winning and commended programs.

Nisa PatelApplications Open for Second Round of 2016 GBCHealth Business Action on Health Awards