Digital health today: starring roles for telemedicine

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Telemedicine tech is improving the lives of patients and healthcare providers—especially where needs are most acute Digital health innovation offers a unique opportunity to improve healthcare delivery in places where resources are scarce. In communities around the world with limited medical infrastructure, digital technologies can significantly improve access, efficiency and decision-making, making life better for patients and healthcare workers alike. … Read More

Ian MatthewsDigital health today: starring roles for telemedicine

Digital health in LMICs—finding opportunities for a double bottom line

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By Skye Gilbert, Executive Director, Digital Square at PATH “So you want private capital to invest in a suite of interchangeable, interoperable digital health products for low middle-income country markets, but your problem statement is ‘context-specific’, your product is ‘multi-faceted’ and your market size is ‘unquantified’.” My brilliant friend, a former hedge fund partner now doing a startup, is trying … Read More

Ian MatthewsDigital health in LMICs—finding opportunities for a double bottom line

Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs

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The Community Health Academy’s first leadership course brings together learners from 155 countries to advance community health programs worldwide   Studies how that training high-performing community health workers (CHWs) can save more than three million lives annually, when integrated into the primary health care system. Unfortunately, many community health worker programs are plagued by ineffective training and support, and fail … Read More

Ian MatthewsStrengthening Community Health Worker Programs

2016 Global Digital Health Forum

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The Global Digital Health Forum attracts a diverse group of program managers, implementers, policy makers, mobile and technology providers, and private and public sector health providers, as well as entrepreneurs, investors, funders and researchers working in LMICs. The objectives of the Forum are to enhance the capacity of governments, donors, civil society, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs to design, implement, and … Read More

Nisa Patel2016 Global Digital Health Forum