January 2017 | A New Year’s Call to Action from Nancy Wildfeir-Field

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In 2016, GBCHealth achieved a significant milestone—15 years of mobilizing business action to improve health across the globe. We have been humbled over the years by the overwhelming commitment of time, expertise and resources from each of you, the changemakers we count as partners and colleagues. As one of our founders Ted Turner remarked in a recent congratulatory letter: “The challenges are many and great. We know that no one actor can address these challenges alone.”

And make no mistake, 2017 will be a crucial year for global health. It is a time of transition in the United States and globally, with leadership changes in a multitude of countries as well as at the Global Fund, United Nations, Roll Back Malaria (RBM) and WHO.

With potentially disruptive changes on the horizon, it is important that we as a community are united in safeguarding resources for indispensable HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria programs, as well as those focused on reproductive, maternal and child health. Additionally, GBCHealth will continue to work to ensure protected spaces exist for business, civil society and local communities to come together to influence global health and development policy.

My team and I are facing these challenges with renewed energy, urgency and focus, reminding ourselves that out of change also comes opportunity.

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