The private sector can protect people from the global health threats we are all facing. The time to future proof the world is now.


Provocateurs, lodestars, futurists, multipliers & collaborators shaping the future of global health

The future of our health, worldwide, is daunting. Antimicrobial resistance. The threat of climate change to health. Water scarcity. The next pandemic.

On Thursday 22nd September in New York, GBCHealth - a 20+ year old NGO with a strong history in bringing businesses, investors, governments & NGOs together to fight malaria, TB & HIV/AIDS - announced the winners of its inaugural 'future united' awards. 

The five winners - drawn from India, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa - are already active in tackling some of the world’s leading causes of ill health. Together, the winners deploy a range of technologies & approaches, including AI, big data, telemedicine platforms and the 'internet of things' to change lives across the world.

  • The Provocateur Award - Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga from Sehat Kehani / Pakistan. Sehat Kehani empowers physicians, with a special focus on female doctors, to reach their potential using an innovative telemedicine platform, delivering revolutionary & affordable care to transform the healthcare network in Pakistan.

  • The Lodestar Award - Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) / Nigeria. WARIF has a unique survivor-centered framework combating gender-based violence in Nigeria, through the provision of essential services, implementation of educational community-based programs, and advocacy. 

  • The Futurist Award - TrakitNow / India. TrakitNow's Smart Mosquito Control System (Moskeet) uses sensors & AI to operate autonomously, providing vital real-time mosquito and disease surveillance data, helping prevent & fight mosquito-borne diseases.

  • The Collaborator Award - AMP Health / South Africa. AMP works with governments to build visionary and effective health public sector teams by developing the leadership and management skills needed to achieve ambitious goals.

  • The Multiplier award - Muso / Mali. Muso addresses the injustices of health and poverty and has designed a unique pathway to counteract the issue of delayed healthcare to reach patients faster and save lives.

The awards - sponsored by the Aig-Imoukheude Foundation and Merck, two visionary organizations working in the field of global health - were part of the launch of GBCHealth's new 'future united' initiative. The initiative builds on GBCHealth's experience as a positive agitator, and looks ahead to future health challenges facing the planet, calling on the private sector to future-proof the wellbeing of their staff, supply chains, and communities by working in collaboration with governments & NGOs worldwide.  

Organizations - whether profit & non-profit, national, international or global - are encouraged to join the initiative by visiting

Our 2022 future united award winners.