Global Fund Private Sector Constituency

Formed in 2002 to address the AIDS, TB and malaria epidemics that were crippling many countries around the world, the Global Fund partnership has since supported programs that have saved 20 million lives. The private sector has played a vital role in this private-public partnership.

The Private Sector Constituency (PSC) is a group of companies that brings the business voice to the Global Fund and helps shape the strategy of the leading funding agency in global health. GBCHealth serves the role of Focal Point, providing an entry-point for private sector collaboration with the Global Fund and overseeing, managing and coordinating the PSC. In this role, GBCHealth works with over 20 committed businesses who bring their expertise, assets and networks to the Global Fund.

The Global Fund represents one of the most efficient avenues for business investment in the three pandemics, while also providing opportunities for co-financing and collaboration on the ground. As of July 2016, the Global Fund had disbursed US$30 billion to support programs for HIV, TB and malaria in more than 140 countries—an unprecedented investment. Read more on The Global Fund’s 2017-2022 Strategy, Investing to End Epidemics.

For more information, contact the PSC Focal Point.

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