Letter to Our Network: GBCHealth Changes and Future Direction


GBCHealth is announcing to our broad network today changes in how we engage with member companies and organizations going into 2014.  The purpose of these changes is to sharpen our focus on how the private sector can best support achievement of high-priority global health goals in view of a significantly changed private-public landscape since our founding in 2001. For 2014, … Read More

hcoulsonLetter to Our Network: GBCHealth Changes and Future Direction

Linkages between Malaria and Agriculture


Introduction The connections between agriculture and health are major and go both ways. Good health enhances agricultural productivity, and the intake of nutritious plant-based foods supports good health. Governments and corporations recognize the relevance of agriculture to maintain food security and generate economic benefits. Expansion of agricultural practices such as irrigation farming, use of chemical fertilizer and biotechnology farming, have … Read More

hcoulsonLinkages between Malaria and Agriculture