African Alliance Digital Health Leadership Program

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For African countries to develop robust, connected digital health systems, it’s important to build a cadre of tech-savvy leaders, software developers and digitally-literate healthcare workers in Africa, particularly in government agencies, to develop, manage, and direct in-country digital health initiatives and investments. Many governments and ministries of health are at an early stage in their learning curve of how to most effectively implement and integrate digital health into their health system strategies.

The African Alliance of Digital Health Networks (African Alliance) provides a platform to cultivate the human capacity needed to develop strong national digital health systems. Its new Digital Health Leadership Program is intended to systematically and coherently build capacity through the training, mentorship and support throughout the program, thus tying generic course content and knowledge to digital health.  The Digital Health Leadership Program will:

  • Facilitate certification training for in-country personnel
  • Establish a mentorship program that supports program graduates application of knowledge in-country
  • Establish a peer network that enables peer learning, support, and information exchange
  • Provide technical assistance and on-the-job training (through the mentors)

Expected outcomes of the program include:

  • Improvements in management of in-country digital health initiatives
  • Increased confidence of the in-country digital health leaders in the program as they are supported by both mentors and peers.
  • Improvements in the execution of on-the-job activities and decisions of participants as learnings are applied.

This program is a component of a larger vision and agenda for building digital health capacity in Africa. The program seeks to improve the capacity for digital health across the continent, with a specific focus of public-sector agencies such as ministries of health and of technology (or communication).

The application package can be accessed here. Application criteria include required participation in the WHO AFRO-ITU Digital Health Capacity Building workshop in Lesotho, in November 2018. The application deadline is May 31st, 2019.

About the African Alliance

The African Alliance of Digital Health Networks (African Alliance) is promoting country ownership of digital innovation and offering a hub for south-south learning.  The African Alliance leverages the strengths of local, national, and regional networks. For more information, email:

Ian MatthewsAfrican Alliance Digital Health Leadership Program