GBCHealth is a coalition of companies and organizations committed to investing their resources to make a healthier world for their employees, for the communities in which they work and for the world at large.

Our Vision is a global business community that is fully contributing its assets, skills, influence and reach to make a healthier world for their employees, their families and communities.

Our Mission is to leverage the full resources of the business community to meet today’s most pressing global health challenges.

How We Work

GBCHealth serves as a hub for business engagement on the world’s most pressing health challenges. We have a strong track record of catalyzing private sector activities and investments, providing platforms to build knowledge and multi-stakeholder collaboration, and creating tools to support companies’ ability to improve health and wellness in the workplace, in communities and collectively at a national, regional or global level.

GBCHealth inspires business to leverage its power and resources to transform the health of society in innovative ways. Drawing on our network of hundreds of companies and partners, GBCHealth drives progress in the areas of greatest need including malaria; HIV/AIDS; TB; sexual and reproductive health rights; maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health; nutrition; and NCDs. It is in these areas where we believe the assets of the business community can have maximum impact as we work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The private sector has a critical role to play in ensuring that the SDGs lead to long-term positive health outcomes for all. Through advisory services, partnership creation, convenings and events, and advocacy and leadership, GBCHealth strategically supports businesses interested in bringing their assets, skills and passion to help meet our shared health and development goals.

Advisory Services

GBCHealth works closely with companies of all sizes to provide tactical and strategic guidance in the development and implementation of workplace and community health programs.

Partnership Creation & Management

GBCHealth brings companies and other development partners together to increase their impact through initiatives targeting specific health issues or geographies. We broker and manage public-private partnerships and collaborative actions linking strategic partners to ensure sustainability.

Convenings & Events

GBCHealth convenings provide leaders from the private sector, governments, multilaterals and civil society with the opportunity to come together to share experiences, dialogue, learn, and develop cross-sector solutions to global health challenges. These include webinars, technical forums and issue-focused conferences.

Advocacy & Leadership

Top-level executives can be powerful advocates for action on global health issues, particularly when corporate leadership initiatives and government priorities are aligned. GBCHealth creates opportunities for companies to come together in partnership to shape policies at the national level; and influence global decision-makers.

To access GBCHealth’s work prior to 2014, find the archived website here

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