2014 Business Action on Health Awards (Commended): Association Saúde Crianca

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COMMENDED: Association Saúde Crianca

Program: Saúde Criança/Brazil Child Health



About the Community Investment Program: Saúde Criança’s pioneering approach to healthcare is based on the idea that in addition to biological factors, diseases in low-income contexts stem from social ills associated with poverty. The families in this program are given a customized two-year Family Action Plan that outlines major goals the family should aim to achieve in five areas:

  • Health: Saúde Criança provides food, medicine, and technical support to ensure that the child’s chronic or acute illness is well-managed.
  • Housing: Homes in poor condition are repaired and refurbished in order to ensure that houses have basic amenities, such as water, sewage, painted walls, and a leak-free roof.
  • Income Generation: Individuals who are able are enrolled in professional training courses to learn skills that ensure stable income.
  • Citizenship: Guidance and legal advice in obtaining official registration documents, which permits access to government social service programs.
  • Education: Parents and teenagers attend educational lectures on issues such as nutrition, hygiene, violence and abuse, etc.

As a result of the organization´s work, family income was boosted by more than 40%; the number of hospital readmissions was reduced by 60%; and the health of the children significantly improved.

In 23 years, ASC has assisted more than 50,000 people. Its methodology has been replicated in 23 institutions all over Brazil and has inspired the city of Belo Horizonte to enact public policy following ASC´s principles. In 2010, the Institution became a social franchise with 9 units in Brazil.

ASC´s results were validated by the professors of Georgetown University´s Public Policy department. After 3 years of research, the study showed that the assisted families, even after leaving ASC, continued to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way.

 Critical Success Factors

  • Bridge between public and private sector without government funds
  • 100% transparency and annual audit
  • Power of mobilization and replication
  • Methodology with proven results
Nisa Patel2014 Business Action on Health Awards (Commended): Association Saúde Crianca